Grievances Redressal

Grievance Redressal Toll Free:-1800-345-7113
GUFS(P)L strives to provide timely and responsive mechanisms for redressal of complaints and problem resolution for clients. Clients of GUFS(P)L loans are encouraged to make requests or report problems at each group meeting. We at GUFS(P)L provide free fair and transparent  Relationship. All the clients are treated fairly , impartially and given equal opportunity ,all client requests ,queries ,complaints are resolved with generosity and with in time frame .Clients are given opportunity to use various sources for  redressal   mechanism within the  company , they can approach to the nearest Branch Offices in case of any emergency. Grievances of any nature should be reported to Branch Manager, who in turn should report it immediately to higher level.

*We have laid down effective Grievance redressal mechanism by way of installing compliant boxes at all our offices designating a senior level officer as grievance redressal officer .All the complaints are addressed by the company in a very professional and ethical way.

*The clients can submit their complaints to the CO in the group Meeting, and also to the Branch manager and designated official at the H.O. The telephone number of the H.O can be availed for the respective COs.

*The client is informed after the registration of the complaint that the complaint has been registered and necessary actions are being taken to resolve the same

*We  provide 5 days time to redress  grievances of any  member at the branch level failing which the burrower will escalate the matter through toll free no -1800-345-7113  to grievance redressal cell at head office which shall resolve the grievance within 7 days.

*Grievance Redressal committee designs the policy by way of penalizing staff on the basis of gravity of complaint and degrees of guilty.

*we submit the periodical consolidated review report of the grievance redressal committee to the board of directors for their review and approval.

*We constitute a fair practice code compliance committee to review the implementation at quarterly interval and furnish feedback on the same to the Board of Directors at their at half-yearly intervals .we have incorporated  verifications and checks for compliance of all the practices through the specific designed officials in the hierarchy and through  effective internal audit/periodical inspection.