Impact Study

Smitanjali Khatua of Banamaliprasad, Dhenkanal Branch
Taking poultry route for prosperity

Leaving behind all social stigma and fear of loss, Smitanjali Khatua of Banamaliprasad, Dhenkanal along with her family members started poultry farming after getting financial service and support form GUFSPL. She is one of the active members of Banamaliprasad-D SHG formed and nurtured by GUFSPL staff members. Poultry are farmed in great numbers in the country but our SHG members believe that the demand in the poultry business is yet to be satisfied. It really plays an important role in the total economy and fulfilling the nutrition demand in the locality.  Smitanjali and her family members are doing poultry farming with all effort and in a year are able to complete six cycle of production. Each cycle fetch them around Rs.10,000/- which is Rs.60,000/- per annum.
This gives ample hints that the women SHG members like Smitanjali have capacity for business planning, management of the unit, marketing as well negotiation with GUFSPL and Suguna chicken center for timely loan support and marketing respectively. She availed Rs.8,000/- of loan amount as first loan, Rs.15,000/- as second loan and Rs.30,000/- as third loan respectively. Women members like Smitanjali have the capacity but due to lack of capital they were living poor life. Timely tiny loan support brought improvements in their economic condition of their family. The most important part which needs to be highlighted is the example created by these women members of other SHG women of their locality to start Income Generating Activity to become change agent of their family as well as village.
Lilibala Sahoo of Banamaliprasad, Dhenkanal